Thore Berntsson,
Took the first steps in his boatbuilding career already at age 13 with his highly acclaimed boat building uncle Arvid Berntsson.
Started his own business in 1983. In the beginning, wood was the main material that applied but eventually attracted new materials and techniques. Thore thrive on difficult or more difficult challenges and usually say "Nothing is impossible".

Telefonica Blue
When Telefonica Blue ran aground outside Marstrand, our broad network came to use to in record time help the team to get a hold of all the materials and equipment needed to repair the damage. Our employees also attended and helped with the repair work.

Our employees do everything from 3D, materials layout, production, logistics and implementation.

City Tunnel in Malmö
Around the openings of the entrances to the City Tunnel in Malmö, we did the finishing edges. This was a challenge in precision in the interaction between the various components and how features handling the rainwater could be incorporated directly into the edge.

Have a look at Catch Boats! Produced by us and Thore was one of the mentors when the Catch was first developed